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sabbatical in place: under pressure plant allies

i’ve been looking over some materials in prep for a workshop on plant medicines and found this beauty of a zine covering a category of herbs called adaptogens. adaptogens are herbs that help us *adapt* to stress and integrate change with grace, while also influencing other systems of the body and spirit.

"garden sage" is the culinary herb you might find at the grocery store. i love highlighting this plant because its cleansing magic gets overshadowed in holistic healing arts by white sage (i request non native people to stop buying and using white sage and expand to more sustainable cleansing, esp if you're not growing it yourself or receiving as gift). my favorite ways to work with garden sage are as a steam or added into food. it can also be burnt. i make sage elixir with sage + honey + brandy for weathering the seasons.

also sharing this page on motherwort, which i think is likewise a beautiful but overlooked plant and considered a weed. i’m feeling the power of motherwort as being especially supportive in this time when collectively we are moving thru tenderness and grief but physically isolated from loved ones.

any plant allies working with you these days? much love.

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