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freelance real-talk in pandemic times, plus new virtual offerings!

Greetings reflections. I hope you're all hanging in there.

All classes mentioned in my previous blog post have been canceled until further notice due to the pandemic. My 9:30am yoga class at Centered Studios is still on pending the availability of a substitute teacher. I look forward to sharing with you at a later date.

Real talk: I am one of many freelance creatives currently experiencing all workshops, classes, gigs CANCELED! Today my sweetie was laid off from their job in food service and filed for unemployment. All rehearsals and programming around our show Mauser have also been postponed, with one of our performers quarantined in Berlin. Damn. All this said, thanks to the generosity of our loved ones (and gotta send love to our own damn-resourceful practices) we are safe and well and home with the cats, and in the extra time what I'm noticing is this:

Between the widespread fear, the travel bans, the lockdowns and separation from loved ones much of the world is now navigating circumstances oppressed communities across the globe experience regularly. We see now that the government can put a stop on evictions, that there is money (aggressively moved to address shifts in the economy). I am here for the swell in mutual aid efforts, connecting to pods from afar and care practices centering folks most vulnerable during this time; and I feel the worlds we have been dreaming take shape. These times are scary, but we have the skills and collective resources to get through to the other side more resilient and conscious of our interconnectedness. Check in virtually or by phone, share food and funds if possible, and wash your hands.

One way to strengthen our immune systems and stop panic and hoarding is by getting grounded with the tools we have available. To this cause and for your pleasure I will be sharing some brief meditations and movement practice via email newsletter, and if you'd like to stay connected and go in on some free goodies, please subscribe!

Much love and peace to you dear reader,


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