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Kapwa, In the heaviness this week I am re-sharing a meditation and gentle breath work for moving with grief. This was sent out a couple months back to email subscribers and intended for evening practice to ease into sleep. I will continue to upload free weekly meditations, pivoting toward fear, grief supports and after care for protestors. Please take good care. Rest Well, Ritual, and Rise Up in the ways that you can.

Breonna Taylor. Rest in Peace. Rest in Power. You are loved, supported, remembered, lifted. You are divine. May the voices saying your name and be sweet resonance and a balm to your spirit. Justice is coming.

Here is a list of concrete actions to take TODAY, on what would have been Breonna's 27th birthday: bit.ly/BirthdayForBreonna

Compiled by Cate Young

Transcriptions available upon request for any and all meditations.

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