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coming home opens at the chicago therapy collective

EVENTS Opening: Friday 9/20 7-9pm Closing: Saturday 10/12 1-3pm By appointment: 9/20 - 10/11 Day of Action (downtown): 10/13 1-3pm

ABOUT We're thrilled to share the stunning works of Coming Home. Opening Andersonville Arts Week and closing Indigenous People's Day weekend, Coming Home is a visual arts exhibit exploring home, migration, ethnic embodiment, and black liberation.

FEATURED ARTISTS Alex Brightbill-Velázquez Andrea Hill Fitzgerald Peregrine Bermas Chiara Galimberti

i am deeply honored to share my woven series memories, portals, and obstacles at the chicago therapy collective for the next month. my work joins a curation of powerful and resonant stories in a very important and grounding space.

i have been sitting with this body of work, trying to articulate it, to intellectualize it?, to describe it in some number of words, even if only for myself, have left it alone and picked it back up again, since summer of 2018.

half of the pieces are from the spring - newly fallen branches can be found and shaped into round looms without snapping. the other half are from summer or fall - dry branches secured together, making objects with corners and pointed ends. there is a sacredness in that knowing of and moving with the cycles of sun and seasons and trees in this part of the world, which might be a step as an artist toward being in right relationship to earth. all of the materials are upcycled, reused, found, gathered. this together means that the process of creating is patient. perhaps important to resisting the pace and scale in which we are made to produce.

i am ascendant from people of the islands colonized philippines or islas de los pintados (island of painted people), but the act of weaving is a folk practice found in all cultures. i’ve read that the sanskrit word tantra means, to weave.

traditionally, weaving is a practical craft passed down generations (usually women). while my pieces are not practical in form, i believe they are practical in intention and process. practical is not to be confused with easy or efficient in the ways the terms are defined within global capitalism.

and then there’s the magic of trees. i really believe trees are ancestors. their roots absorb the lives of many beings from plants to insects to animals. many have been alive much longer than i can fathom, and stand taller than i can see. i also believe in sigils and sacred shapes, triangles, eyes, the cycles represented by circles.

that’s all i have for now. hope to see you at the opening!

about CTC:

The Chicago Therapy Collective (CTC) was born from the experiences of queer therapists and their intimate awareness that the struggles of queer folks, especially transgender/gender non-conforming (T/GNC) folks and TQPOC (Trans and Queer People of Color), are a result of systemic, intersecting injustices that need to be addressed outside of therapy and within the community.

CTC is now comprised of a network of community organizers, artists, therapists, educators, business leaders and more striving to address these injustices and lift up our most marginalized siblings by mobilizing to create safe, just, and inclusive Chicago neighborhoods through art, education, and advocacy initiatives. 

The health and well-being of Chicago’s marginalized communities requires cross-community ally-ship and social action. We curate highly individualized opportunities for:

(1) neighbors and businesses to deepen their awareness, understanding, and investment in T/GNC people, especially QTPOC, already in their lives;

(2) for allies to center, celebrate, and compensate T/GNC people at the local level; and

(3) for communities, businesses, and individuals to move toward increased engagement and capacity for inclusivity through improved knowledge, empathy, and practical skills–to everyone’s benefit!

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Chicago, IL

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