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weaving worlds - notes from art class

another wednesday with my weavers! weave been making baskets and bowls out of upcycled materials such as plastic grocery bags, lanyards and scrap fabrics. as it warms up we’ll gather fallen willow branches, grasses and pine needles, and i hope to do some games around gratitude and reciprocity working with nature (how can we ask for permission? what can we give back to the earth?).

it’s a slow process to the craft of basket making - many weeks to make one basket! - and, as we’re all learning,

1) requires a lot of time and teaches patience.

2) the amount of stuff you produce does not measure your worth.

3) you don’t need to spend a ton of money on fancy art supplies to be an artist or make something beautiful.

we come from long lines of resilience- creative rethinking and reimagining what we have and can do in this life. when i started teaching, i was scared because growing up i didn’t have any art teachers to model the artist or teacher i wanted to be. but i did have my mom saving cookie tins for her sewing kits and making rice to use as glue for my school projects and drying seeds from vegetables she bought at the store. did y’all do that too?

anyway i don’t think i say this enough because i’m too deep in it - i feel grateful and dreamy to be making more free spaces for youth to explore creativity, movement, agency, collaboration, allthethings.

it’s a lot of work, and i feel like i get to play more and more :)?

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