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Chicago, IL

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Examples of past workshops

Tea Ceremony | Axis Lab at Baseline

A wholistic workshop guided by Mia Lahos and Peregrine Bermas. We gather in a ceremony of shifting to let go of past “spaces” and make room for new creative outlets. We seek to create a collective healing and artistic space, within and without. To support a multitude of journeys through processing old wounds and attachments and let go what is stopping creativity and community. To connect to creative energy. To exude gratitude and welcome change.

Conscious Shifting with the Seasons | Garfield Park Conservatory

As we enter the colder months, how we carry ourselves needs to change. The ways we interact with our bodies, our environment, and each other - shift - as fall and winter approach. During this healing-centered skill share, participants will explore the body’s restorative tools through movement and meditation, as well as other ways to stay grounded and re-align relationships to self and community during the "dormant" seasons.

Melt | Axis Lab at the Third Space

Explore meditation, gentle + yin yoga and collective ritual. This is a series for end-of-day restoration, contemplative movement and stillness, and creation of sacred space.

Sacral Healing for Survivors | Moksha Yoga Center

The sacral chakra svadhisthana is center of creation n portal to the emotional, sensual, sexual self. One of the lower chakras, when balanced brings sense of safety n security to body. Experiences of sexual violence, like other forms of trauma, can incur physical, mental, and spiritual blockages that affect survivors in different ways. In this knowledge share we will cover several Wholistic healing modalities around the theme of balancing sacral chakra, including aromatherapy, meditation, crystals, and an all level hatha yoga practice to ease into body awareness, learn safe alignment, strengthen, resist patterns of dissociation n begin to release toxic holdings. The body remembers trauma thru generations, n it also remembers pre-trauma. It remembers abundance, joy, freedom, nourishment, consented intimacy. It remembers how to feel, it feels, it communicates to us thru sensation. We each have within the potential n power to self-heal. This share is open to self identifying survivors of sexual violence, of all gender expressions. Pls note this is not a scent-free space.

Anti-anxiety Art-making | Asian Americans Advancing Justice Chicago

A three-part introduction to mindfulness meditation, gentle restorative movement, and therapeutic art.