Support Freedom Fighter Herbal Care Packs

Freedom Fighter Herbal Care Packs (FFHCP) is a small Chicago-based mutual aid project that surfaced in the summer of 2020. It is intended to celebrate and support local organizers, care workers, and community members who experience police brutality in somatic wellness and relationship to our earth family.

5/7/21 - Happily, this year we are collaborating with Hinata Farms for plant cultivation and in-person herbal knowledge shares with the Back of the Yards community!


We are seeking donations of:

2 and 4 oz clear glass bottles with caps (example)

1 oz amber glass bottles with droppers (example)

Small glass jars with caps (example)

1/2 gallon wide mouth glass jars (example)

If you are able to order bulk or small quantities of these materials, please email with the subject FFHCP donation.

You can also donate funds directly to Venmo @peregrine-be

(Include "FFHCP donation" in the note)