Integrative healing sessions

My healing arts practice spans a variety of restorative methodologies (outlined below). I work with individuals, couples and small groups in a home space or other comfortable setting to curate integrative healing sessions to their specific needs. In our work together we hold possibilities for ease, compassion, gratitude, creativity and healing that we all innately have and deserve to experience regularly!

Beginning March 2020, most sessions are done remotely. All remote sessions will include written follow-up with notes on practices and recommendations.

How to Book a Service:

1. Send an email to tulaymedicine@gmail.comInclude what you are interested in exploring together, plus any questions or specifications in your email. Not sure what you're seeking? Let's chat.

2. I will respond to coordinate a date and time for the session.

3. Unless another agreement has been made, you must submit payment to complete the booking process (see below for payment options).

1 hour Distance Yoga - alignment, movement, body awareness

Whether you wish to integrate a physical practice into your life, or explore subtle and spiritual aspects of meditation, yoga can create space to release embodied stress and reflect on what balance is needed in the present. I work with practitioners of varying levels of experience and ability, and many of my clients are new to yoga. Receive tools and resources to start or bolster a home movement practice.


Complete booking via Paypal or Venmo @peregrine-b

1 hour Distance Reiki - energy balancing

Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho) has been called to address countless forms of imbalance, with the understanding that physical ailments often are linked with emotional, spiritual, or generational dis-ease. In my personal practice it has been a critical tool for both relaxation and restoration of basic trust after traumatic experience.


Complete booking via Paypal or Venmo @peregrine-b

2 hours Integrative Healing Session - deep dive, custom intuitive ritual

We'll work with a combination of the modalities listed above in an embodied ritual specified to your needs. Other tools I may bring into a session include tarot cards, spells/prayer, written reflection prompts, stones and stone essences, aromatherapy, herbalism and plant wisdom, art-making and contemplative movement.


Complete booking via Paypal or Venmo @peregrine-b

How to decide what to pay on the scale:

As a person from a working class background, I work hard to meet folks at a per-session rate that both aligns with their personal financial experience and is also fair to the skills and labor I provide. I invite you to honestly consider your own needs, assets, and lifestyle in factoring how much you are able to pay. Some days you may have more to give and be able to pay higher up the scale, and other days may be different. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns about payment.

For further reading, here are some resources I've found really helpful for navigating sliding scale:

Pay what you can and bartering:

I offer pay what you can sessions every week for folks experiencing low access to income. Email me at


I am also available to trade services. This page is coming soon.

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