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yoga. embodied ritual. meditation. listening.

Note: Private sessions are closed to new clients for the season.


I am a visual artist and poet, and have come to making as a way to unwind, manage stress, metabolize traumatic experiences, and tend deeper relationships. I’ve also received formal trainings and community teachings in trauma conscious yoga for adults and youth, various forms of meditation, Reiki and herbal medicine. My tools include cards, stones and food.

These systems of knowledge, as well as guidance from my own ancestral intuition, inform what I bring to shared ritual space, and it's my pleasure and honor to weave them throughout my work.

Testimonial: "Each of my experiences of reiki with Peregrine over the last year (or two?) have felt very thoughtful and intentional. They always make space for any needs (physically, mentally, and spiritually) or desires I may have for our time together and incorporates my needs into our personalized sessions.


Peregrine makes me feel comfortable and is a very sweet, and non-judgmental listener and healer <3 Our reiki sessions have always provided me with moments of deep rest, reflection, and healing. Our sessions have been so important to my own growth and healing and I've been working (with Peregrines support/reminders) to make reiki/energy work a regular part of my personal care routine!" - GG

A 1-1 session with me can offer a private container for movement, stillness, catharsis or self expression. We will explore possibilities for integrating embodied rituals and routines into your life based on your specific experiences, needs and desires.

Testimonial: "Initially I was drawn to the physical practice of moving my body and the various poses. However, in our time together, I found that Peregrine kindly offered to expand my knowledge and deepen my understanding of the tenets of yoga. This process of deepening allowed me to transform my approach to our physical practice as well as my own personal healing journey. As a result, I find that I am more present and more grounded with the world around me." - MA

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