it is necessary to celebrate and express joy, even when the heart is heavy. especially when the heart is heavy. inspired by ross gay's book of delights, i've been reflecting on what brings me delight each day. popping in to share some lovely notes folks have sent in the recent past. it's truly a delight to read these!

i hold all feedback as sacred - each year in february i have a formal reflection period that includes feedback from all consenting clients and teachers, which informs my visioning, studies, and community work for cycles ahead. that said, i love receiving your notes year round! keep them coming <3 thank you for your trust.

what is bringing you delight today?

Greetings all,

Here's a short practice of pratyahara and bee breath that can be as playful and melodic as you like. Also in the energy of this practice - near the end of this recording I got super congested and just pulled thru.

Morning Meditation: Bee Breath

Transcriptions of any/all meditations are available if needed.

Thank you always for supporting this project.



greetings! this AM meditation is a soft stream of consciousness to relax into the middle belly. i also share the cloaking meditation below, from the book of forgiving by desmond and mpho tutu, to call safety and protection to your body as feeling and knowing come to the surfaces.


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