no frills during aries season - i'll be sharing some good ol' meditation and breath work practices for balance during transition (which is always happening, and may feel very potent right now!)

4/10 gentle yoga at chi-town shakti (pay what you can option available $5 min, cash only)

4/14 mixed level flow at centered studios



birds on my mind :)

"Birds have been perceived for thousands of years as messengers of the Divine Mother. The Inuit people of the Arctic believe that shamans take the spirits of birds during their journeys into trans. Twice-born, first from the mother and then from the egg, birds symbolize a spiritual rebirth within one's own lifetime." - Bri. Maya Tiwari, The Path of Practice

3/24 8:00am mixed level flow @ centered studios

3/27 9:00am gentle yoga (PWYC option available- $5 minimum cash) @ chi-town shakti

3/31 9:30am yoga level 1 @ centered studios

much love


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