Download and print 2 pages from my forthcoming coloring book :) This preview features lemon balm and motherwort , 2 wonderfully supportive plant allies and so-called weeds. The below link will take you to a zip file that opens as a PDF. Enjoy!


More on the project from my newsletter: Its name keeps changing, but I'm making a coloring book for the youth of all ages (that means you too!), featuring some of my favorite so-called weeds and wildflowers of occupied chicago. I love weeds and all they can teach us about beauty, resilience and accountability to our bioregional relationships. I love the looks on folks' faces when they see a familiar plant in a new place. For many, myself included, who have complex relationship to home, land and human kindred, this experience of relating to plants can bring in an important sense of belonging and connection to the earth. As someone born into U.S. settler colonialism from migrant peoples, who come from lands steeped in tourism and extraction of labor and goods, I've spent a lot of time thinking about ways travel and "the wild" are romanticized, when there is such depth and abundance of ancestral knowledge that grows unnoticed and unreciprocated right in front of us. I'm still learning too. One hope is that this book can be a guide for folks yearning to see and listen to the plants around and cultivate conscious relationships, beyond consumption and extraction, with their bodies and other bodies of the land. I'm visioning early Spring for this - in time with the plants coming to light.

I'm grateful to be part of this street safety poster series, organized by Monica Trinidad. My design was created in collaboration with Axis Lab Chicago and highlights the #FoodNotCops mutual aid* project in the Argyle corridor.

From Monica Trinidad: "In conjunction with the National Week of Mourning and Signs, Shrines, Collages, and a Mixtape: A Remote COVID Vigil in Chicago, I collaborated with 5 artists and 5 organizations to curate a series of posters highlighting what it means to “keep each other safe” in the streets. As our week of mourning is coming to an end, I am reminded of my friend Mariame Kaba’s words to me when planning an exhibition on 100 years of police violence in Chicago a few years ago. How will you move people to action after they experience art that will no doubt fill them with anger, sadness, and grief? There is no doubt there will be more losses. How do you give people tangible actions to make a difference in that weight of loss?

In collaboration with Love & Protect, Street Youth Rise Up, Lifted Voices, Axis Lab, and TM Productions, and with the artistic support of Asha Edwards, Grae Rosa, Peregrine Bermas, Nicole Trinidad, Molly Costello, and myself, here are 6 ways we can keep each other safe in the streets during COVID and beyond."

Read the rest of the blog post, see the series and download posters through JustSeeds.

*For more information about mutual aid, check out this video and accompanying resource list by Big Door Brigade!

it is necessary to celebrate and express joy, even when the heart is heavy. especially when the heart is heavy. inspired by ross gay's book of delights, i've been reflecting on what brings me delight each day. popping in to share some lovely notes folks have sent in the recent past. it's truly a delight to read these!

i hold all feedback as sacred - each year in february i have a formal reflection period that includes feedback from all consenting clients and teachers, which informs my visioning, studies, and community work for cycles ahead. that said, i love receiving your notes year round! keep them coming <3 thank you for your trust.

what is bringing you delight today?

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