Barter Wishlist

Updated October 2020

Below is a changing list of my needs for anyone interested in bartering for services. Bartering can be a challenging and joyful way of reframing our relationships to our skills and resources and the unique spaces we occupy in the collective economy.

Ideally, an exchange of any kind is of similar value and integrity to the service offered (see my bookings page for more information). I may turn down trades outside of this list. However, there are many possibilities we can move through together! For example, you might consider combining smaller-value trades or requesting a pay-what-you-can session.

Interested, curious or have questions? Send me an email, and let's chat.

  • Herbs and herbal medicine

  • Body/energy work in Chicago (remote or in person for a later trade)

  • Photography session for online promotional use

  • Food dehydrator (gently used ok, working)

  • Voice training (vocal warm ups, breath work, range)

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Chicago, IL

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