My name is Peregrine Bermas. I answer to any pronouns said with respect. I am a queer diasporic islander (of Bicolano, Ilocano and Pangasinan ascent), survivor, educator and folk artist serving in my birth place, occupied chicago/shikaakwa.

I come from a lineage of gardeners, medical practitioners, caregivers and teachers; my knowledge about being with the earth is influenced by family, friends, elders and youth in my immediate community. I have been a yoga practitioner for 15 years, and an instructor for 3 years with trainings from Moksha Yoga Center and Street Yoga, and mentorship of Marjorie Fradin and Aya-Nikole Cook. I am attuned to reiki through master teacher Courtney Cobbs, and have exchanged energy work in this modality for 3 years.

My creative practice weaves explorations in migration, body wisdom, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and meditation, and centers folks living outside of the binary, BIPOC/people of the global majority and survivors of sexual violence.

I am currently a teaching artist with Young Cultural Stewards and ProjectArt, and Healer-in-Residence with Axis Lab Chicago.

Image left: Peregrine, a brown femme with glasses, short hair and big earrings, stretches with their arms behind their back in mermaid pose, surrounded by tall grass and puffy clouds. Their eyes are closed.

All content created by Peregrine Bermas, 2020

Chicago, IL

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