Image above: On a wooden floor, a brown femme with short hair bows toward a bowl of water and oranges, which they hold in their hands. From above, their back tattoo reads "We are alike, forever grounded by our-"

Kapwa, In the heaviness this week I am re-sharing a meditation and gentle breath work for moving with grief. This was sent out a couple months back to email subscribers and intended for evening practice to ease into sleep. I will continue to upload free weekly meditations, pivoting toward fear, grief supports and after care for protestors. Please take good care. Rest Well, Ritual, and Rise Up in the ways that you can.

Breonna Taylor. Rest in Peace. Rest in Power. You are loved, supported, remembered, lifted. You are divine. May the voices saying your name and be sweet resonance and a balm to your spirit. Justice is coming.

Here is a list of concrete actions to take TODAY, on what would have been Breonna's 27th birthday:

Compiled by Cate Young

Transcriptions available upon request for any and all meditations.

great day kapwa,

sometimes i'm an art teacher! i'm writing to share a couple free art video channels with simple projects for young folks and families getting creative at home. listed below too are direct links to videos i've recorded for these channels :-) take good care!

projectart on youtube to connect with artists nation-wide for instruction, studio visits and artist talks

my videos:

young cultural stewards on youtube and IG LIVE (beginning in June) ~ to connect with artists working in the parks and neighborhoods of chicago

my videos:

  • cardboard seed starting (you'll need seeds, potting soil, toilet paper or paper towel tubes, cardboard box, paints or other mark-making supplies, baking dish optional)

hey folks,

i've spent some time considering my offerings and capacity, and just want to share that in addition to sliding scale rates, i will be offering pay what you can (pwyc) and bartering options for all services. i'm immensely grateful and excited to be in this position, and i move in great trust.

please know that pwyc offerings are meant to make holistic healing arts and care work more accessible to queer and trans people, folks of color, Indigenous and First Nations folks, survivors of sexual assault, frontline workers, and those who have been greatly impacted by COVID-19 and do not have access to generational wealth. if you're not sure where you fall on (my or anyone else's) sliding scale, i reference a few resources on my bookings page, and would also be happy to work through this with you prior to booking a session.

if you are resourced and able to contribute toward these pwyc services, please consider sharing my page, sending a tip, or booking a session higher on the sliding scale rate. linking to my site is blocked by instagram and facebook due to some censorship stuff i don't understand, so you may need to share via email or text. i do have an instagram account @peregrinebermas

click here to check out my barter wishlist and how to navigate trades with me

click here to book a service

looking for another place to send your coin? national bail out

looking to leverage more resources? plug into a mutual aid network near you

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